Porto Antico is accessible to everyone.

Genoa’s Porto Antico area has been designed to allow free access and freedom of movement to all visitors, disabled and able-bodied; note the flooring and access points, but also the parking lots and the individual structures. 
In the whole area changes in height are accompanied by stairs and ramps.

All structures provide lifts to reach the different levels.

Within the various parking lots, a proportionate number of spaces are reserved for disabled people, in total 18 spaces.

  • Autosilo: 8
  • Spina Services: 5
  • Porta Siberia: 3
  • Mercanzia: 2

Let’s play together.

Porto Antico is equipped with a playground for children, designed and built according to the principles of inclusion in order to guarantee accessibility and safety for children and parents with disabilities in addition to their carers.

The playground has swings with classic seats and accessible seats for children with disabilities so that they can swing in total safety, tactile and visual sensory games. In addition, the floor covering is perfectly accessible to wheelchairs.

Tactile maps.

Two tactile maps are available in Porto Antico so that the visually impaired can “see” the architectural layout of the entire area. 
For the blind orientation in large spaces is not always easy. With these tools, the shape of the paths become real and objective.