Bigo – Panoramic Lift
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Discover Genoa completely.

Symbol of Porto Antico, beloved and iconic almost as much as the lantern, the Bigo is the panoramic lift that offers a unique perspective of Genoa.

Designed by Renzo Piano, the Bigo evokes the shape of an old crane unloading goods from a ship. Every day of the year, every 10 minutes, the circular cabin takes you quietly up 40 meters and it offers a full view of the harbor and city.

Bigo: slate roofs, flecks of sea.

Photographic panels and multilingual audio recording illustrate the beauties of Genoa. On the one hand, the city with its ancient buildings, the maze of alleyways (the “caruggi“), the bell towers standing on the slate roofs; on the other, the harbor and the frenetic activity of its piers.

Bigo – Ascensore Panoramico
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