Search for the sunrise.

Breathe in the fresh morning air. It’s what you need to to stimulate your muscles. Start your sports tour at dawn.

You can enjoy corners of Porto Antico in peace. The area offers 59,000 square meters. Find a spot along the piers, gardens, benches and quays. Look at the city roof tops shining in daybreak; exercising with such a view couldn’t be more pleasurable.

Greet the Sun or do some jogging?

If holistic disciplines are your thing, come and greet the sun in the silent atmosphere of Calata Gadda. Observe the city awakening and the first ferries quietly leaving the harbor. Daybreak on the sea is the best background for your morning Yoga, Tai Chi or breathing exercises.

If instead you’re looking for workouts and sweat, run around the Cotton Warehouses’ Building. Time your run, set your goals and test your limits. Knowing that the perimeter is 900 meters, measuring your progress will be easy.

Work out in any season.

Genoa has a mild climate and Porto Antico with the historical city center at its back doesn’t dread heat or cold. Do not fear.

In the summer heat, the outdoor pool can refresh your day and train your muscles: a simple refreshing dip, swimming a few laps or water gym classes are all possible alternatives to a inactive lifestyle.

During winter, dress warmly and test your skills on ice; under the Piazza delle Feste canopy, qualified teachers are waiting to give you Ice Skating lessons.

Cycling Porto Antico is the perfect departure point for trips into the city.
Large families and romantic couples can decide to cycle together: renting a
 rickshaw is fun and strengths relations but it also puts a strain on the quadriceps. For those who are a bit lazy, but do not want to stop, renting a Segway and riding around the area will be a blast.


The other side of Sports.

At lunchtime Porto Antico is very popular. Tourists and residents flock to the Mediterranean Square, filling the restaurants and cafes and if the weather is nice, eating a sandwich on a bench in the sunlight and enjoying in full the tranquillity that the area offers. Many of the dishes are compatible with low-calorie, vegetarian diets and sports activities.

The history of sports.

Sports is not only practice and training; sports is also and above all culture.

After focusing on the body, you can continue your sports tour learning about one of the most popular sports in Italy. 

The Genoa Museum in the San Giobatta building will indulge your curiosity about the oldest team in Italy: the Genoa Cricket and Football Club is in possession of the oldest written document certifying its creation (September 7, 1893) besides being the longest sports club still playing.

Whatever team you root for, here you will appreciate an important part of football history.

The city as a sports field.

There are sports where you do not need a sports field. The city is their field and Porto Antico is no exception. Every hour of the day, you will encounter runners, freestyle dancers and skaters. At dusk you will undoubtedly see groups of young people with incredible athletic ability practicing Parkour. They all interpret the obstacles, exploit the height differences, envisage invisible tracks, roads and unlikely paths.

Whatever your favorite sport, whether you are a professional or you just want to keep in shape, choose Porto Antico, there’s a special spot for everyone.