Discover nature.

Your nature tour must begin with a relaxing visit to the Aquarium of Genoa, a place that deserves to been seen first when you’re still full of energy.

Sharks, penguins, dolphins and turtles are just a few of the many players of this extraordinary experience. 

Unmissable is the brand new Dolphin Pavilion, a structure unique to the aquarium where you can observe dolphins from above the pool or underwater thanks to the multiple level path.

Another world complementary to the marine environment is the tropical garden named “A flutter of wings“, where you can admire the flight of colorful butterflies.

From the Tropics to Antarctica.

After the Aquarium walk over to the Biosphere, the scenic glass and steel structure where you will discover the tropical environment.

Walking inside the Renzo Piano‘s “sphere” you will encounter cocoa and vanilla plants, banana trees and giant ferns, but especially many animals like the Scarlet Ibis, turtles and butterflies.

The undisputed star of this micro climate is Dust, a pink feathered parrot coming from the Maluku Islands. He is 17 years old and can not talk, but who knows, with a little patience may be you can train him to say your name.


Genoa seen from the sea.

After so many adventures it’s natural to be hungry. Stop for a quick lunch or snack at one of several cafes and try one of the many specialties that characterize Genoese cuisine; lulled by the pitching of the boats, enjoy yourself, relax , watch the reflections of the sea.

And on the sea continue your tour, perhaps by Boat. 

If you are fascinated by the hectic activity of the port, embark on the discovery of the port of Genoa. The visit, which includes tour guide will show you the beauty and secrets of a port that has made the history of the Mediterranean.

Remember that Genoa can only be seen from the sea.
It’s extraordinary to see the skyline taking shape, the lantern approaching, cranes, containers and large cruise ships docked at the wharf.

If, however, you are romantic, choose a trip to Portofino and San Fruttuoso. You will forget the traffic and the hours spent in the car and admire the Ligurian coast in all its shades of green and blue.

An original idea that appeals to young and old is the Whale Watching adventure. The trip to the heart of the “Cetacean Sanctuary” where with a little perseverance and good sea conditions you can admire close up one of the eight species of cetaceans that inhabit this marine protected area.

Nature in the city.

And then, in Porto Antico nature is all around you. Just look for it, find it, observe.
The huge fig tree that, stubbornly, sprouts out of the side of Piazza delle Feste; fish of all sizes that dart between the moored boats; the palm trees just steps from the sea; the seagulls, true rulers of the air, skim the water during the day and as night approaches fly higher and higher above the Bigo appearing as pieces of paper illuminated by the lights.