Vegetarian tradition (virtually).

Did you know that, despite its historical maritime tradition and major city markets, traditional Genoese cuisine is not based on fish?

The most typical dishes of our city’s culinary tradition are of peasant origin and made with simple ingredients, lots of vegetables, wild herbs and unusual cuts of meat. 

Examples are are found every day on the tables of the Genoese: green beans and potato “meat” loaf, stuffed vegetables, vegetable stew, and also simple dishes made with chickpea flour like “farinata” (chickpea flat bread) and “panissa” (chickpea pancake).

A unique cuisine, with delicate flavors and interesting combinations. During the wine and food tour in Genoa you will discover that eating well is synonymous to healthy eating. Chefs and housewives have always known about herbs and garden produce and ever used modern-day healthy and non-fat cooking methods.

Cuisine: theory and practice.

To experience a culture one must experience its cuisine. The best way to start is to have breakfast with a latte and focaccia. If you are not Genoese this may seem an unusual combination, but rest assured, you won’t regret it.

To get an idea of the culinary variety that Genoa offers, browse among the shelves of books at Librerie Coop and flip through one of the many thematic volumes. A suggestion? Ask for “La cucina di strettissimo magro” “The very lean cuisine” an 1880 book with 467 recipes without meat, eggs or dairy products.

A sea port.

Following tradition, we suggest you the restaurant I Tre Merli where you can order “pansoti” with walnut sauce, Ligurian style sea bream or a portion of the typical pies: pumpkin quiche, onion tart, rice cake.

Do not miss the traditional “Torta Pasqualina”, made with beets, cheese, egg and the typical cheese “prescinseua“, which, despite its name, is found all year round. 

But Genoa, like all port cities, has always had street food. Now you can enjoy the special dishes sitting comfortably in an outdoor patio, but focaccia, “farinata” and fried sea food are traditionally eaten on foot. And still today they represent a great pick for lunch.

Porto Antico also offers two Steakhouses, Old Wild West and RoadHouse, a Fast Food Diner and Pub offering high quality international cuisine for quick lunches and dinners.

First of all, the ingredients.

Before going home we recommend you stock up on high quality products.

Take the glass elevator up to the top floor of the Millo building and mix with the Genoese shopping at Eataly. 

The house of Italian culinary excellence is open in Genoa since 2011. Its wide range of superior products, promotions, and the many cooking courses for connoisseurs, retired people and children will certainly surprise you.

Returning down to sea level, pay a visit to Bottega Solidale where amongst colored fabrics and crafts you will find excellent fair trade products like spices from distant lands, cookies, pasta and wine manufactured by Italian cooperative businesses supporting social projects.



Italian flag pizza.

It is the national dish, known, eaten and copied throughout the world. It satisfies both young and old, voracious appetites and refined palates: it’s pizza, simple and perfect.

In Porto Antico there are restaurants that prepare it with care, but if you’re a fan of the original Neapolitan pizza, try Rossopomodoro‘s recipe where respect for tradition high standard ingredients are successfully combined.

Dessert time

In Porto Antico, dessert is at the end. Or in the morning. Or mid-afternoon. Any time is right for a taste of the handmade specialties offered in the different ice cream parlors located in the area. Each has a special feature: one specializes in sophisticated flavors, another focuses on chocolate, one follows tradition, another offers milk shakes, yogurt ice cream and hand made popsicles. You’ll have to try them all to figure out which one is best.

Pesto, pesto, pesto.

If you’re Genoese you do not need an introduction.

You know pesto, you love pesto and you eat it more often than any other sauce.

If you’re a traveler, a visitor or a tourist you know that, in Genoa, no wine & food tour is complete without tasting real pesto sauce. But rest assured: the city’s most famous sauce, prized specialty exported all over the world, is practically everywhere. You are spoilt for choice.