Revel in culture.

Live your day at Porto Antico luxuriating in culture.

If you’re one of Porto Antico‘s early bird visitors, treat yourself to breakfast in one of the cafes overlooking the sea and watch Porto Antico slowly comes to life at early morning: see the sailors cleaning and polishing the boat decks, the Genoese going to work, the couriers delivering fresh produce to the restaurants.

Get an eyeful of this lively place, busy, full of people and observe discreet and shy as well as rich and fascinating examples of popular culture. 

As a taste of what’s to come, ride the panoramic Bigo elevator revolving 360 degrees, treating you to a magnificent panoramic view of Genoa.

The scenic glass lift will carry you 40 meters high giving you a bird’s eye view of Porto Antico’s piers, wharves, buildings and alleyways in an exhilarating ride that your kids will love.

Discovering Genoa.

If you wish to discover the culture of Genoa, you can embark in a quick overview of the history of the city and of Porto Antico by following the historical panels scattered in the area; you will recognize them thanks to their typical yellow parchment color. Drawings and texts illustrate the transformation of the city and its port area through the ages, from the times of the commercial port to today’s square on the sea, something Genoa never had before.

The more curious can learn more from the books stocked at the De Amicis Library in the Magazzini del Cotone building where you will find thousands of volumes about the Superba and a bright and pleasant room for reading at your leisure.


Art, exhibitions, museums.

By mid-morning, after a break for coffee or a drink, you can continue the cultural tour giving heed to your own personal idea of culture.

At its entrance, right under the elevated highway, it is impossible not to take in the shapes and colors “sprayed” on the 7 meter pillars. Fish, mermaids, geometric patterns and color show their explosive Street Art personality inspired by the urban environment, the architecture and history of the location.

These works commissioned by Porto Antico di Genova SpA and the Municipality of Genoa in collaboration with the D406 Gallery of Modena endeavor to promote Street Art in contemporary urban environments.

The artists that have created the works are among the most famous in the sector: Dem from Bologna, Ericailcane from Piacenza, 108 from Alessandria and the Colombian Bastardilla, and whose true identities are hidden by their nicknames.

Timeless art.

Walk along the Malapaga walls and, after admiring the street art be prepared for a great cultural time leap. Enter the Church of St. Mark at the Pier,the spiritual refuge for travelers and sailors in 1100. Today it houses works of art by timeless masters such as Maragliano, Francesco Maria Schiaffino and Domenico Fiasella.

Train the mind.

If you prefer sports to art, head speedily to the four historic buildings in Via al Porto Antico. Here you can visit the Genoa Museum, pilgrimage site for many “Genoa” team followers but also a place of great interest for all soccer fans: old shirts, posters, documents and memorabilia, including one of the balls used in the first Italian soccer championship. An overview of sports culture from the end of the 1800s to the present day with many interactive exhibits, films and photographs. 

All of this culture stimulates the brain, but also the appetite. Fill up on carbohydrates in one of the many restaurants in Porto Antico and afterwards spend some time browsing the shelves of the library: the perfect place to quench your thirst for knowledge.

Music is the common thread.

Before going any further, take a moment to relax and sit on a bench in the shade under the palm trees; enjoy the view of the sea and, if the weather is mild, the sea breeze.

If you fancy a walk, look for Isola delle Chiatte dedicated to Luciano Berio. To get there, walk to Via Mare Fabrizio De André. Is there a better place for listening to some music from your MP3 player?

The relaxed side of culture.

End your day full of intellectual stimulation in front of the big screen, even in 3D. From late afternoon until late evening, The Space Cinema is always open. Whether “seventh art” masterpieces or comedies, the multiplex cinema offers a complete billboard of films and preview special events all year round.