The 1992 exhibition.

“Genoa is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Before ’92, the port was separated from the city, but since then Genoa has recovered its bond to the sea and has re-established its link to the water.”

– Renzo Piano

A city in need of returning to the sea. This is the idea that guided Renzo Piano‘s pen in the restoration project of the area designed for the International Exhibition “Christopher Columbus: The Ship and the Sea” in 1992.

An area to restore for its city and for Porto Antico di Genova S.p.A., the company that manages, enhances and promotes the site and has transformed it into the place to live in all day, every day. It has achieved its goal and has given it an identity, a personality, a soul.
The square on the Mediterranean.

The Columbus’ Exhibition spaces become Porto Antico, the square on the Mediterranean.

A modern square in an ancient city, the junction point between the sea and the historical city center, a gateway open to cultures, encounters, the future.
Since then, the area has continued to expand, to improve, and regularly offer new interesting facilities to its daily visitors. From disused docks we have now passed on to multifunctional spaces for culture and leisure, awakening the nearby historic city center and triggering in the last decades a metamorphosis of the city that has changed its nature and roused its tourist vocation.