A company especially created to manage a project.

The Municipality of Genoa has granted until the year 2050 130,000 square feet of space in the Porto Antico Area (71,000 square meters indoors and 59,000 square meters outdoors) to our company: Porto Antico di Genova S.p.A., created on December 30th 1994 and running since January 1995.

Porto Antico di Genova S.p.A.’s goal is to restore the old port area to the city, making it alive and enjoyable all year round. It is constituted by the following partners: 51,95% by the City of Genoa, up to 37.2% by the Chamber of Commerce, up to 6,01% by Finanziaria Ligure per lo Sviluppo Economico F.I.L.S.E. S.p.A. and up to 4,84% by the Port Authority of Genoa.

Ceating an internationally and nationally renown tourist attraction has been achieved by promoting cultural initiatives, developing fair, meeting and conference activities and building facilities useful to the public.

Over the past few years, these aims were pursued through a gradual and pondered policy of space occupancy giving heed to the property concession’s high quality and uniformity.

Congress activities and management of the Porto Antico Conference Center, and the design and management of the events organized in the Porto Antico Area have been certified ISO 9001 since 2004.

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Our organization.

Board of Directors
Avv. Mauro Ferrando – President
Dott. Federico Diomeda – board administrator
Dott. Luca Nannini – board administrator
Dott.ssa Cristina Repetto – board administrator
Dott.ssa Lucia Cristina Tringali – board administrator

Dott. Alberto Cappato – General Manager
Ing. Corrado Brigante – Security Services
Geom. Fabio Silla – Technical Services
Dott.ssa Luisella Tealdi – Events and Communication Management

Board of Auditors 

Dott. Gian Alberto Mangiante – President
Dott.ssa Barbara Marini – Auditor
Dott. Elio Giacomo Castaldini – Auditor

Supervisory Board
Dott. Alessandro Kaiser